Solar Smash Mod Apk Secret Weapons (Unlimited Missiles)


Download solar smash all secret planets and learn how to unlock all secret planets in solar smash also when is the next solar smash update 2022.
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Solar Smash MOD APK would be ideal for people who are fascinated by planets, the cosmos, as well as black holes, just as I am. To use the weapon, the only thing you have to do is choose a planet to destroy. Paradyme Games is the publisher of the game. The game is very easy to play. however, the graphics and the way your planet will change following an attack will leave you screaming with delight.


It is our pleasure to introduce you to solar smash free play, and it is one of the best shooting games for Android. You play the role of a little man who comes from outer space. To take part in the competition, you must shoot the world; you must touch the screen to begin, then fire to destroy all the world’s objects.

Play Solar smash if you like action games. Destruction of planets is possible with weapons while traveling through space. This is such an engaging game that it’s suitable for almost anyone.

You might like this game if you’re looking for a break from your everyday routine and busy schedule. our team upgraded to the most recent version to make sure the game was even more enjoyable. We recommend you try this game.


Based on the solar smash mod apk, this app is free to download. What are the controls? The weapon can be used to destroy planets, galaxies, and enemies, in order for it to gain hit points. Using this method, you will be able to pass various levels quickly and have a good time playing. In addition, there are more features at higher levels.

You can now download Solar Smash mod APK. Gems are your best friend in this game, so the more you collect, the easier the game becomes. Additionally, special abilities have been added along with other enhancements. solar smash secrets is an amazing game with the best animations and graphics. Could it get any better? Take a look for yourself.

The full version of Solar Smash Mod is a multiplayer online space game. In case you enjoy science fiction games, this game will surely appeal to you. The game begins with you as an isolated planet in a galaxy fighting its way through numerous solar systems, destroying everything in your path.

A game called Solar Smash lets you destroy planets and build your own world.


You feel as if you are a powerful deity

The best way to experience the universe is with Solar Smash’s personal planets, which feature a unique mod. you can create your own planets and galaxies once you become a God. You can fill your universe with your favorite things, such as fluffy orbits and Tweeblers.

Explore the universe, uncover new worlds, but most importantly: smash things up! Whenever you have had it with this crazy universe, destroy it with the Evil Universe Destroyer.

There are as many universes as there are people. You will have unimaginable opportunities to create, investigate, and dominate in solar smash. Be careful when choosing your Godly powers – they each have different strengths: strike, protect, or fly high into the sky. As you play this arcade-style tower-destructing game, only your creativity determines the outcome, so there are no time limits or elimination rounds.

Destroy everything you see.

Play solar smash apk mod and engage in a thrilling game filled with various missions. There are many different planets, each with unique items and properties. It is possible to pick up fallen objects, including rubber balls as well as iron balls. Additionally, it moves the laser for points. Due to this, it is possible to reach an infinite number of points.

It’s up to you to explore the galaxy, take over planets, and collect resources to survive. You must destroy anything that stands in your way, ranging from asteroid impacts up to huge planets that are shot into the atmosphere by the creatures of the universe. There are planets all around you; a few reside inside you.

The destruction of the entire planet by weapons

Solar smash contains 23 levels packed with enemies that you must overcome. You can choose from a variety of weapons for destroying the bad guys, such as the plasma cannon, a black hole shooter, a magnetic repulsion will, and so forth.

Graphics that are visually stunning

Solar Smash features stunning graphics as we did in Space Flight Game. If you are interested in astronomy, you will love this game! What is amazing about this simulator is just how realistic each of its components appears to be. Just take a look at the overall graphics of the track, for instance. Additionally, it’s breathtaking. When you see how the Earth is being hit, ravaged, and deteriorating, it makes you feel sad. Sometimes I feel everything from curiosity, astonishment, and wonder to a bit of pain when I watch a piece of art become lost, disappear, or disappear into oblivion.


Ensure that any previous versions of the game have been uninstalled.
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Start the installation by opening the file.
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What are the safety and security features of solar smash?
You can use this game with no worries; it’s completely safe and scanned with powerful anti-virus software.

Is this mode version able to provide unlimited money and coins?
There is no limit to the number of coins and cash you can get in this game version.


Solar Smash Mod Apk lets you feel the adrenaline rush of a real-life attack even while the planet is peaceful. It allows players to engage in intense warfare even on a peaceful planet. If you have any ideas to harm the planet, put them into action. You can destroy your home freely with the Solar Smash mod.