Mini Militia mod apk 2022(unlimited Ammo, Nitro & Health)


Download free game mini militia mod apk- Doodle Army 2 Unlimited Ammo, Nitro, Life, Health and Everything with hacked version for Android
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Doodle army 2 or Mini militia mod apk are other names for this game. If you play the game long enough, it will become highly addictive. With its classic 2D feel, a stickman survives alone in a jungle and on different maps. This game is more interesting and engaging because it lets you find different weapons on different maps, fly with nitro, and use bombs.

Different developers modified the game so that it could win more often. We present the most updated version of Mini Militia Mod APK with an unlocked Pro Pack. Additionally, it comes with unlimited health, ammo, and battle points.

mini militia mod apk

The gameplay of Mini Militia Mod hack apk 2021

We will deepen our understanding of the game by looking at how it looks, what features it offers, and many more.

  • A lot of options are available when launching the game.
  • The login page allows you to save your game data so that you can log in your game on another device after logging out on one.
  • There are two options for settings and avatars at the left corner. Avatars can be customized under the avatar section. Changing your face, clothes, hair, and many other things can be achieved in one shot.
  • In addition, setting options include Information, controls, and scores.
  • You have three different options to choose from at the center of Mini Militia mod apk 2021, and each has a different impact. Players have the option of playing online, practicing and playing quickly
  • Play with random friends by connecting directly to a server with Quick Play.
  • You must click on ‘play online’ and then select ‘deathmatch’ to play with friends online
  • Offline players can only play local matches.

How to play:

You didn’t need more controls to play mini militia hack apk. To play this game, two fingers were just used. you can move with the left-hand button and fire with the right-hand button. Killing your opponents requires skill and mental acuity.

mini militia mod apk

The Mini Militia Mod apk and Ghost Mod 2021 full version include the following Features.

  • Multiplayer shooting action game.
  • Your friends can join you at any time, anywhere
  • Weapon upgrades require money.
  • It is possible to play through mini militia mod apk latest version with 6 players at a time
  • There are more than ten levels of difficulty to test your skills
  • You can also play offline in addition to playing online
  • Nitro and ammunition unlimited
  • Mod apk version with unlimited health
  • APK download for 100 bullets per shot
  • unlimited health+jet+gun+money+cash
  • unlimited bomb

Features Of Mini Militia Pro Mod APK

The above options should have helped you choose your favorite Mini Militia mod apk. Mods for off doodle army 2 have some common and unique features.

Following are some of the features that I like most. Let us know about any new features in the comments. This is something I’d like to include.

Unlimited Ammo

Every mini militia mod offers unlimited ammo. There is a limitation to how many bullets can be put in guns, such as six in a Magnum pistol and forty in a Tavor rifle magazine.

Your firing will be smooth with this unlimited ammo feature, and you will no longer worry about running out of ammunition during a battle.

PubG game and minimilitia game ammo is very good and both game map is very interesting and pubg game play in world and minimilitia.

Unlimited Nitro

Jetpack nitro is a major complaint among Mini Militia players. Mini militia developers give such a low amount of nitro that is barely enough to fly more than 10-15sec.

You still have to wait for your jetpack’s nitro to be refilled after using it. Due to this, almost every mod apk we have added unlimited nitro. The jetpack fuel is now sufficient so we can do as much flying as we like.

Pro Pack Unlocked

The players that play Mini Militia, also known as Doodle Army 2 without loading any mods, will know that obtaining pro items such as dual guns, rare outfits, and epic outfits requires lots of battle points.

This Doodle Army 2 mod apk still includes all the features of the pro pack. Get the Mini Militia Pro Pack download mod apk and become a pro player.

Free Rare And Epic Guns

It possesses an extensive arsenal of weapons, including pistols, rifles, and epic weapons. Militia has 18 guns in total, each with its pros and cons.

A laser gun fires continuously, just like EMP guns that fire electric pulses that travel through walls. Certain guns can only be unlocked through creates, such as the epic and rare ones. The Mini militia mod apk lets you unlock these heroic and rare guns.

All maps unlocked

Having only one map in a battle game is boring. Therefore, the developer of mini militia has added more than 20 maps, which any player can unlock after reaching a certain level.

It is, however, a long-term process that takes time and effort. Currently, I have 10 maps unlocked, and I am level 10. however our mini militia mod apk latest version, users can get unlocked all the maps. Consequently, level and map unlocking occur immediately. You can start playing after installing this mod.


Minimum Device Requirements for Mini Militia Mod

This mod is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android Version: 5.0+ version
  • RAM: 1 GB 
  • Processor: Any Snapdragon
  • Root: Doesn’t need access to root

How to download mini militia mod apk game fully cracked

I know you are eager to download the mod apk. This is the right thing to do. It is now downloading time, which you have been waiting for. Here is the link.

In order to download the moded apk, just click download above. Once you reach that download page, the direct on drive link for the apk will be automatically redirected to you. Obtain the mini militia mod apk as soon as possible.

  • Click on the above download link.
  • Mini Militia apk mod is available to download.
  • Enjoy this apk by installing it on your smartphone.


Can we play it offline or online?

It can be played both online and offline (unlimited ammo and nitro). In the online mode you can play with your friends, and in the training mode, you can play with your friends offline. yes, you can play  Mini Militia apk pro pack offline like coc mod apk.


Mini Militia cracked apk is safe to use?

It is 100% safe to use this mini militia mod in your game and there will be no account ban problems.

I test every application shared on thinkers. My goal is to ensure every mod works and is bug-free. Once my test passes, it’ll be posted here.

Do you know what version of Mini Militia Mod this is?

We developed a new version of Mini Militia Mod APK called 5.3.7, which is the same as the play store version.

With these hacks, can I play with other players?

No, you cannot. As a result of this improvement, Mini Militia developers added this feature that lets you join a match with players using the same mods you are.

Taking this step is the right decision for the developer. I remember playing with a hacker when I was a teenager. That match ended in a 10-0 loss for me. So, if you’re going to play against someone else, make sure they use the same features as you.


Thanks for being here with us. It’s been fun. This Mini Militia mod is the latest, working, and most complete pack that includes unlimited health/money/cash/nitro/ammo. The modded features, as well as gameplay, are also discussed in depth. eventually, Thanks for spending time with us. We have the latest games and mods on our blog. Please share this blog with your friends.

What's new

  • Battle points high
  • Unrecognized play
  • Feature of dual weapons unlocked
  • Create without purchasing
  • Every weapon has been upgraded
  • Grenades without limits
  • No limit on ammo and nitro