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Download king of Avalon: dominion mod apk and learn how to gain power faster in king of Avalon. King of Avalon conquest stone is a fun game to enjoy with your pals.
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King of Avalon Mod apk is a strategy game set in the world of dragons, in which strategic thinking is necessary for success.

Throughout this game, you play the role of the king of a small country, and you must lead your people to protect the country against its enemies.

There are a variety of weapons available to you, as well as intelligent people with whom to discuss strategies, engage your adversaries, wage battle, and gain access to additional resources.

In addition, you can boost your kingdom’s size through battles by creating larger armies and forces, giving you an advantage during battle.

King of Avalon gold hack is an easy-to-play game available on both iOS and Android, which you can download and play for free.

The most important element in the game is to train your dragon well to defeat your enemies.

Fantastic gameplay and eye-catching graphics encourage players to return time and time.


In king of Avalon apk hack, you have a variety of weapons at your disposal, as well as intelligent people who can provide you with tips, defensive strategies, tactics, and additional resources.

Alternatively, you can build your kingdom through war and by recruiting more armies that will aid you in other battles.

Despite this, King of Avalon hack mod APK is simple, easy, and available for free download on both Android and Io devices.

stronghold requirements

The most important element of the game is the dragon, which you must master to compete with opponents with remarkable capabilities.

Therefore, the game’s visuals are compelling and will motivate players to keep playing it.

Two methods are available for obtaining gold: You can obtain gold from different events each day, or you can download the hacked version of the game.

Nevertheless, you can customize the dragon for it to stand out from the rest. The more powerful and numerous your dragons are, the better your chances are of winning the game.

To build a strong army that is capable of winning battles, you will need to destroy your enemies; this means that dragons, shooters, rockets, as well as other unmatched components are necessary. A group of friends can also help you fight your enemies.


The King of England was killed in battle, as a result of his cousin Mordred’s treachery. The body of King Arthur is now in Avalon’s fortress, next to Excalibur, his legendary sword. A resurrected Excalibur will crown the new king and unify the kingdom. Battle cities divide the empire. Many are enamored with the power of the sword Excalibur. The King’s Throne can only hold one person.

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King of Avalon mod apk is set in medieval Britain, reviving King Arthur’s legend as well as knightly intrigues. Create a powerful city, building, Drag Racing Car train your magical dragon, learn tactics for fighting, raise your dragon, and face off against medieval foes! Team up with your friends to fight off enemy attacks for a greater chance of success! King Wars has begun! Take over the world!

Build dragon army to defeat Excalibur in PvP missions and rise to power. Embrace power by making allies as well as enemies. Interact, assist, exchange, and battle with players all over the world during multiplayer games. After King Arthur died, his throne remained vacant … We’re heading into medieval times! It’s time for the dragon to invade!


Mode of play

There are many game modes in the game. One of the most thrilling is PvP. Battle all of your rival’s bases so that you can conquer them. As in the previous mode, you have to keep your bases safe from the other players.

King of Avalon best dragon skills

Kings of Avalon apk is an Android game where dragons play a major role. Dragons can be quite helpful in several ways.

Dragons can help you gain territory so that your kingdom grows faster. Although they are important, their benefits are not as great if not properly established. This is why dragons value skills so highly. For unlimited resources, download king of Avalon apk hack. Each dragon has unique abilities according to its rank. Four main types of skills are distinguished:

attacking, defending, hunting, and monster. Each kind has eight sub skills. Skills can have guardianship as well as assault.

king of avalon hack

Dragons Skills slots are unlocked as you level up.

Train your army

If you don’t have a strong army base, there’s no chance of winning a battle. Spend some time training your dragons, as it will yield massive results when you fight the other dragons. In addition, you can personalize them as you see fit. Develop your troops so that they will have an increased offensive as well as defensive capability.

King of Avalon mod apk unlimited gold

King of Avalon’s greatest resource is gold. To succeed, you will need this resource more than anything else. Free gold resources are now available through daily rewards. Events also offer gold rewards in other games like Top War Mod Apk we have provided unlimited money and gems but in this game we are providing unlimited gold. Gold resources are available on the market. To get virtual gold, real money is required. It is possible to buy stuff with gold coins in the market to improve your heroes.

Install the king of Avalon mods to take advantage of this function, among many others. This mod adds gold to your account. The most valuable currency in the King of Avalon game is gold, but gold isn’t the only currency you need.


Customizing your empire is possible with this feature. There are many options available. Not only can you build your empire, but you can also improve your troops by providing them with weapons.

Food, wood, iron, and silver are all unlimited.

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Among the other resources available in the game are wood, iron, and silver. Nutrition is crucial for the troops. Soldiers need nourishment to live. The more troops you have in your army, the more food you must supply. You must always feed your troops to keep them healthy. It is possible to get food from your neighbors or to gather it from them. Improve the quality of life in your city. Create more farms to increase the supply of food. The downside to these approaches is they take time, which you don’t have.

There is no longer only wood and food, but also iron. Iron Mines are not required, since there are an unlimited number of Iron resources available. Invest in new infrastructure that eliminates production wait times. Work is done quickly and steadily. Silver resources are also available. In the game, these materials are the most valuable, with Silver Mine being the only way to obtain them. Silver is often required for upgrades, a resource that is quickly depleted. To do so, you will need to build a lot of silver mines to boost production. This is no longer necessary. Because with king of Avalon hack you can
Have everything for free and in abundance.

Various equipment

Equipment, such as weapons and other necessities. The workshop allows you to make your weapons. That’s my favorite feature. Outfit your hero with powerful weapons so he can defeat more powerful opponents.


1. To download, click the link below.
2. After it has been downloaded, open the file.
3. be sure to follow the instructions.

4. Start playing this fantastic game after it has been properly installed, and enjoy all its amazing features.

dominion mod apk


FAQS of King of Avalon Mod APK :

What is the price of the King of Avalon Mod APK?
Downloading and installing this Mod APK is 100% free. Try it right now and let us know how it turns out.

Can I use this Mod APK safely?
Our team tests and verifies the app before uploading it here. Hence, there is no need to worry about using it.

King of Avalon Mod APK for PC is it working well?
You can use this Mod APK on your PC, but first, you need to install any of your favorite android emulators on the PC. Without them, you cannot use it.


That concludes our review of King of Avalon mod APK, a game that action fans are sure to love. The original and moded game file is available for download, malware-free, reviewed before uploading, and will help you save your kingdom.
Additionally, make sure your people are safe and that they live in peace.

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