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Download dumpster image & video restore apk and recover deleted photos in this offline version of dumpster mod apk download.
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Dumpster pro apk: Would you like to recover deleted videos or images quickly and easily without having to root your computer? dumpster apk mod is the perfect solution. With the help of the most advanced tools, you can easily recover deleted images as well as videos.

Backup tools like dumpster premium apk are highly advanced backup software that you can use on your Android device. The software allows you to access your files from anywhere and adds an extra layer of security. You can enjoy several amazing features with the app, including seamless backups, immediate retrieval, customizable themes, no rooting required, and much more.

Dumpster mod apk ensures that all the features are available without an internet connection. That’s why it’s easier to use. Hundreds of custom themes are yours to choose from when you upgrade to the premium version, providing an Amazing interface.

It’s well known that there are many premium features in the limited version of this app, including Gallery Recovery, High-Quality Themes, Cloud Backup, PIN, no advertisements, etc. are available only on this app’s limited version. To get access to all of the mentioned features, you will need to purchase the yearly premium subscription for $200, a price many of us may not be able to afford.

It is possible, however, to try out the free 7-day trial if you would like to enjoy advanced features without cost, but remember to link your credit card to your Google account. If you don’t, billing problems may occur.

To fix this issue, you can download dumpster image & video restore apk 2022 for free. Please read on, as I will provide instructions on how to use this modded version of the app for data recovery.


dumpster mod apk download is a modified (cracked) version of the original Dumpster – Deleted Pictures and Videos Recovery from Baloota Software. If you’re looking for a program for helping you protect your media in the cloud, data recovery mod apk is an excellent choice.

With the modded version, you can use all features including premium unlock, ad-free browsing, root-free browsing, online backup, etc. without having to spend a penny.

The premium features are unlock

Gorgeous themes

and custom designs

available in the Recycling Bin

Recovery Gallery

With this application you can recover deleted images or videos instantly by storing them locally on your device. dumpster pros deep media discovery algorithms allow it to identify old deleted media files, thereby increasing the possibility of restoring them.

It’s okay to accidentally delete your pictures because this app will take care of the rest. You can easily restore your media files from the cloud backup ffunction on your smartphone.


Backup and restore your files

With Dumpster Pro, you can use your phone like a trash can! Upon installation, the app automatically backs up deleted files without requiring root access, allowing you to easily remove photos, videos, and videos from your device and install them again! You can use Dumpster to store your files, pictures, and videos.

Dumpster pro apk  Restore deleted files in a minute

It is not possible to erase every bit of data from the device at once. but the data will remain on the device for a while, but will eventually disappear. With Dumpster, users can recover lost or deleted files in just a few steps, and they can recover almost any file type. Using it, users can rewind time on their phone so that everything is as it was before it was deleted. Scan and detection features cover a wide range of events going back a week or so, so after installing it, the recovery process begins immediately. You must restore each file manually, because it may contain content you do not want to appear again on the device. As a result of its convenience, important files can be brought in without getting mixed up with other information.

Dumpster pro apk Protect your photos and videos

Ensure the safety of your photos, videos, and files by locking Dumpster apps. it will not Allow anybody to hack your personal things, By upgrading to a premium account, you can block external viewers and secure your dumpster data with four-digit access codes.

Dumpster pro apk take care of the trash in your memory

As long as Dumpster is retrievable, users can use it to clean up files in the device that are redundant. It’s also equipped with a versatile scanner that automatically scans junk content, as well as an option to filter the content before deletion. Once a file is classified as junk, the device is in danger; it is deleted automatically without a trace. Having a dumpster is useful if something is accidentally deleted, and they are easy to use, portable, and versatile when it comes to recovery. Users will also experience more surprises, prevents them from repeating mistakes, and even allow them to delete things that are no longer necessary.

Immediately restore deleted apps

Dumpster makes it easy to restore apps! You just need to enter your Dumpster Pro APK trash, select the app, and presto – you will have a backup instantly. loosing your app data is something you don’t want to lose. The Dumpster software lets you back up deleted photos, videos, documents, and applications. No matter what you need to uninstall, you can have it reinstalled immediately. Backups of photos do not require a separate compromise

A flexible, secure cloud storage solution

Make your device more space-efficient. With Dumpster Cloud Backup, users can back up recently deleted items. Users can purchase more or less cloud storage depending on their needs. Customers who subscribe to Dumpster Premium receive no advertisements, a custom theme, and app lock functionality.


The first step is to click on the above ‘Go To Download Page’ button. From there, the link will direct you to Dumpster Pro’s download page.

Click the ‘Start Download’ button to get your paid recovery application. It will begin downloading shortly.

The third step is to open the .apk file you recently downloaded from File Manager after downloading the app. You may be asked for some permissions when installing an application for the first time from File Manager.

Click on the ‘Settings’ option to allow all required permissions.

After granting permissions, press back and then try installing the Dumpster Premium Apk. The installation will now proceed without error.


Is dumpster premium apk available without an internet connection?

In offline mode, Dumpster Pro Apk has all the functions. It even has the cloud backup storage feature.

dumpster premium apk offers a free trial of its premium services?

Dumpster offers a free trial period of seven days to test out its premium services. For a free trial, you must link your Google account to a valid credit card.

Does this application require root access?

Neither rooted nor non-rooted devices need root access to use the dumpster.

How much does this dumpster premium apk version cost?

The modded version came with the premium account unlocked, and we provided the link to download it. Here is a list of details.

The Premium Edition is unlocked
and ad-free
for cloud storage
through a password


Install Dumpster Pro Apk 2022 on your Android device. dumpster premium apk is available here to download on your Android phone, tablet, or other mobile device running the Android operating system.