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Download buddy toss hacked mod apk and enjoy buddy toss turtle cheat. android buddy apk free download.
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Buddy Toss Mod Apk is a basic yet rewarding action title, the aim of which is to throw a guy into the air as high as you possibly can without dropping him.
Built with a unique touch interface, Buddy Toss is sure to make players giggle even harder each time they play. All you have to do is click the screen and the muscular man will fling the guy upwards. The further he throws, the higher he soars, passing through buildings, passing through clouds and hot air balloons until he reaches the stars.

Stars are also earned during the game. You can use these stars to unlock and strengthen the muscular man, boost his strength, and throw the girl farther and higher. buddy toss apk is a visually appealing game featuring cartoon characters, colorful graphics, and a fun soundtrack. The game also features easy, humorous controls, so people of all ages can enjoy it.


The Buddy Toss Mod Apk is an easy, entertaining, as well as addictive game available on the Android App Store. Game design was done by Chris Freville, an experienced mobile game designer. As a result of his team’s efforts, he has developed a game featuring a buddy system, a novel approach to instant messaging.
For those seeking the most recent version of buddy toss, but not the standard version found on Facebook and other social media sites, you should check out the newest version, buddy toss apk, available for Android devices with Jellybean or higher.

The latest version of the buddy toss mod apk optimizes the game to run on devices with Jellybean and higher. However, this doesn’t mean games such as iPhone can’t run, but it does mean the app has a high degree of compatibility. So you’re able to enjoy your favorite game on a friend’s phone.


Here in hacked buddy mod apk, Android users can enjoy the simple but extremely entertaining game of tossing, which requires them to toss the man by throwing a powerful arm. Toss it with full force as you watch him flee from you every time. Take your throws to new heights to unlock new achievements. Compete with your friends for the highest score.

Featuring a simple yet fun gameplay experience, Buddy Toss allows players to get started right away and start tossing right away. You are invited to take part in this exciting app and explore its fascinating levels. You get to choose from several unique characters, each with their distinct appearance and enhanced throwing abilities. Make your way to the stars and distant planets when you play this game.


Easy-to-use touch controls

The first thing we would like to do is thank the developers for the fact they have carefully designed the gameplay using the Touch controls. You simply need to press your device’s screen, and you can jump from man to man by using interactive buddy 2.

Upgrade Your Character

Adding to the fun of the game, the developers have included some cool characters. Each character has unique features and abilities. You can find them in the mod buddy toss pk.

Gameplay that never ends

Playing the game is endless. No matter how long you play, you’ll never tire of it. Just toss him in the air and watch him fall. Get as strong as you can so that he falls as far as possible. Your excitement will be palpable and you will relish the moment.

Play against your friends

The game also allows you to compete with friends. Face off against them in a game of battle. It is only possible to defeat them by throwing them as far as you can. All you need is the buddy toss mod apk and have exciting face-offs with your buddies.

Buddy toss Offline And Online Modes

It is fascinating that this game can be played both online and offline. You can play in online multiplayer mode with your friends. If there is no internet connection, you can still play the game in offline mode and use all the features.

Visual and acoustic quality

The visual quality of this game is impressive with its 2D stunning graphics. Animations are stunning and visually appealing as in other casual games like pou mod and others. There are amazing graphics, high-definition, and stunning well as a great sound quality that is without a doubt pretty impressive. The graphics look real. With buddy toss mod apk 2022, you can now enjoy extra features.

Coins and gems are unlimited

The game’s currency is coins and gems. To unlock all the features, you will have to spend a lot of money. The new characters are not available, nor are you able to upgrade your characters. Therefore, get your buddy to toss hacked mod apk for free so that you can earn unlimited coins and money.

Everything is unlocked

When you play the original game, almost every feature is locked behind a paid subscription. However, in the android buddy apk free download, everything is unlocked by default. So take advantage of these premium features for free.

The stars are endless

In addition to the goal of reaching new heights, players often desire beautiful skins. These skins are, however, quite expensive. You need to watch a lot of ads if you want more stars. It might be a good idea to download Buddy Toss MOD APK to save time. The game starts with many stars for you. When downloading the MOD version, uninstall the original version first.

Buddy toss mod apk VIP Unlocked

No more ads to bother you. Watch an advertisement video when you run out of stars in the MOD version.


1. If you click on the download link at the end of the post, you’ll be taken to another download page.
2. In the second step, the file is downloaded, the previous version will uninstall while downloading, and a third-party app is enabled.
3. After you download the new mobile file manager, you can install the downloaded file and your app will be ready for play in a few seconds.


How does buddy toss work?
Among the need for speed’s most exciting games is Buddy Toss. The game is similar to paper toss except you throw your android phone over the back of your friend who catches it with their hands.

Where can I get the buddy toss modded apk?
This website has links to download the buddy toss mod APK.

What’s the best way to play buddy toss?
Buddy Toss is easy to grasp and very simple. I have mentioned the gameplay above.

Does buddy toss work on PC?
You can play Android games on your PC as well; see how to download and install Android games on your PC.

Does buddy toss have an online component?
Buddy Toss is an internet-based game that involves an internet connection.


Finally, we would like to mention that buddy toss mod APK is a fun, exciting, game you should try out. In addition, it is a great way to relieve boredom when you are dealing with difficult situations in your daily life.